DAF XF – HD Interior v2.2 – Gray/Creme (by nIGhT-SoN)



Credits: Made by nIGhT-SoN

Download Gray (2,1 MB)

Download Gray Mirror (2,1 MB)

Download Creme (2,1 MB)

Download Creme Mirror (2,1 MB)


Remade interior from scratch, using mostly vectors. It took more than 35h to finish it and more than 1000 photoshop layers. Check screenshots!
PS: On IMGUR click on the gear in the right top corner and select View Fullsize for a better viewing of screenshots.

Changes v2.2

– wheel buttons changes
* better depth
* different, more realistinc lighting on them
* add middle dip on buttons
* fixed plastic near materials
– door buttons changes
* better depth
* different, more realistinc lighting on them
* fixed lighting issues from previous version
– climate control knobs
* better depth
* different, more realistic lighting on them
– middle dashboard buttons
* TC button symbol fixed
– added a new, made from scratch, storage boxex button (top interior storage boxes).
– added illumination to the cigarette lighter. When it’s night has an illuminated ring.
– some other bugfixes in the normal and alpha map.


v2.2 – http://imgur.com/a/Kz69K#0
v2.1 – YouTube – http://youtu.be/xBGsijlLmpw

DAF XF v1.0



Credits: DAF is 50Keda DAF XF v1.0 skin by Nick Portegies & Freddy Jimmink
Tralier skin by Jan Lichtendahl aka „The Dutch Trio”

Download (15,03 MB)