Truck Physics v2.0 (by nIGhT-SoN)

Credits:  nIGhT-SoN

Download (2 KB)

This is a rework of the previous mod. It’s actually made from scratch that’s why I jumped to v2.0 from v1.4.

– cabin movement is less sensitive
– cabin damping
– cabin angle
– cabin roll angle
– cabin roll damping
*because of cabin roll changes, when you take a turn at a higher speed, truck won’t shake as much as in default version, I could say there is no shake at all.
– wheel suspension damping strength
*on trailer and on the truck
– stiffness of tyre material (lateral and longitudinal)
– damping of tyre deformation (lateral and longitudinal)

For version 1.11 of the game.

International Pack Trailer Lamberet V1

2014-07-25-Pack Lamberet1 V1-1s

2014-07-25-Pack Lamberet1 V1-1s
2014-07-25-Pack Lamberet1 V1-2s

Author: Fred_be

Download (121 MB)

International Pack Trailer Lamberet V1 (20 skins)

– Braun Spedition, Canarias, D.Speksnijder, Eurotrasporti
– Girteka Hellmann, KLG, Kreiss, Lamberet Logesta
– Mazo, Nothegger, Pastridor Perez Cargo Sandermans
– Sofruce, Traffic Thermo, Thermo Transit, TransWest, Vercesi

Trailers are standalone
Tested in version 1.11.x

Wavy Menu Background



Credits: The Big Red Horse

Download (2,13 MB)

Description: Have you gotten bored of the default menu screen in ETS2? Well then download this mod. It is simple yet, good looking.

Scania Black



Authors: man1997, 50keda, anaheim, mr.poland, shery0, SCS, Mattias P, Arnook, Alex, EED123, FChriss, FastAlex, Irishtrucker164, Punisher

Download (81,7 MB) *(wait a few second and then click ‚Skip ad’ on the top corner and download a file)

Version: 1.10.1