Mercedes 190e – Replace Audi A6


Author: Made by Srele ksrele(@)

Download: (6,07 MB)

Mercedes 190e 2.5 AI car for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.3.1)

This is AI car for game: „Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
It is NOT new AI car, it REPLACE Audi_a6.

Why do I make AI cars that replace default SCS cars?
Because it is VERY hard to install new AI car to game if you already have mods that have
new AI cars in them.

If you would like to download this same mod but to be NEW AI car, then it is on this link

How to install this?

Just copy .scs file to mod folder of game and make sure that this file is at bottom of folder
when you sort files by name.

Please don’t use this model or textures without asking me first.
Ask me, I will give you permision to use them 😉

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