Scania V8 – Stock Engine Sound v1.1


Credits: by nIGhT-SoN

Download (4,5 MB)

Mirror (4,5 MB)

Download for 50keda Scania R2008 v4 (3,7 MB)

Mirror Download for 50keda Scania R2008 v4 (3,7 MB)



I’ve made this mod trying to replicate as much as possible the real feel of driving a truck.
It all started with this thread:


– interior sounds
*applied some eq on exhaust sounds
*applied some eq on engine sounds
*applied some eq on engine stop sound
*small changes on engine sound volume at high rpm

– exterior sounds
* engine sound changed
* exhaust sound changed
* gear changing sound edited
* break sound edited
* small volume edits for engine and exhaust

– I also made a version for the truck made by 50keda, Scania R2008 v4. It’s in beta, I don’t use his model and couldn’t test it. It should work fine, but maybe someone that uses his mod can confirm.

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